Projet européen "IMPAWATT"

IMPlementAtion Work and Actions To change the energy culTure

Objective: enhance corporate policy towards energy efficiency, energy culture and sustainable supply-chain initiatives through a web-based platform ( ).

The platform proposes for free to the registered enterprises more than 200 documents on 14 energy topics, like presentations, factsheets, webinars, surveys, tools and examples of best practices. National platforms are available with content adapted to national languages, contexts and regulations (eg:

Main project activities:

  • Identification of the barriers;
  • Creation of the platform and content;
  • Running the platform;
  • Involve companies in the project (objective of 170 companies);
  • Assessment and dissemination of the platform in participating countries and others.

Project website:

Project members:

  • Consortium leader: Planair SA Switzerland;
  • Consortium partners : Austria: AEA. Finland: VTT. France: CCI Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes. Germany: Senercon GmbH. Italy: Environement Park.

Link to the reference sheet (right click and open)

  • Maître de l'ouvrage European Commission. EASME
  • Lieu Austria, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland
  • Année de réalisation June 2018 - March 2021
  • Prestations Planair

    As project coordinator, Planair is in charge of all technical, administrative and financial management of the contract.

  • Résultats marquants

    Planair also :

    • Aacts as technology leader for pumps, lighting system, industrial heating, waste heat recovery and heat pumps and has produced the related documents for the IMPAWATT platform;
    • Is in charge of involving companies in Switzerland to participate in the project and follow-up;
    • Impact assessment. 

    This corresponds to the work packages 2, 3 and 4, and 6.