Projet européen "SOLUTION"

Sustainable Oriented and Long-Lasting Unique Team for energy self-sufficient Communities

The SOLUTION project is part of the European Concerto initiative for energy efficiency and renewable energy production in urban areas. The project served to demonstrate that municipalities can achieve energy autonomy for their thermal energy and electricity needs. In order to achieve the objective, measures for energy savings, renewable energy production, energy storage, consumption monitoring, plant optimisation and supply and demand management were supported and implemented in 4 European communities: Cernier (Switzerland), Hartberg (Austria), HVAR (Croatia) and Lapua (Finland) plus one observatory community in Slovenia.

At Swiss level, the SOLUTION project ended at the end of 2014 with significant results :

  • Self-sufficiency in electricity production reached 21% thanks to the installation of a biogaz cogeneration
    plant and photovoltaic solar panels ;
  • The district heating network has been extended thanks to the project and will eventually achieve 80%
    self-sufficiency in heat thanks to biomass;
  • Renewed and optimized public lighting with 50% energy gain;

Consortium partners:

  • Switzerland: Commune de Cernier, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Contren SA;
  • Austria : City of Hartberg / Municipal utility Hartberg, Association Ecoregion Kaindorf, KW Solartechnik,
    FH Joanneum GmbH, IG Passivhaus Steiermark / Burgenland ;
  • Croatia: Republika Hrvatska, Splitsko-dalmatinska ┼żupanija, HEP – Obnovljivi izvori energije d.o.o., iC eurocontact;
  • Finland: City of Lapua, VTT, Thermopolis, Scheiner -Electric ;
  • Slovenia: Energy restructuring Agency.

Link to the reference sheet (right click and open)

  • Maître de l'ouvrage European Commission DG Energy
  • Lieu Switzerland, Austria, Croatia, Finland
  • Année de réalisation 2009 à 2014
  • Prestations Planair

    Planair, as consortium lead, has provided the following services :

    • Project set-up: search for Swiss and foreign partners, energy research content, demonstration project, action to disseminate good practice ;
    • General coordination of the project: management of the international consortium, scientific management, administrative and financial reports ;
    • Participation in various demonstration projects related to renewable energy production and energy efficiency: biogas plant with cogeneration installation, district heating, building renovation, photovoltaic installations, public lighting, awareness-raising action with smart meters.