Support for the national energy transition plan for municipalities

The project to support the national energy transition plan of the municipalities in Tunisia, introduction of the ACTE/MEA label comprises four main components:

  1. Supporting the ANME in carrying out energy audits of the municipal assets and to set up an energy accounting system in all the Tunisian municipalities ;
  2. Introducing an ACTE/MEA structure at national and regional level. ANME has a multidisciplinary structure and a competent, efficient and motivated staff; it is in a position to offer support (technical and financial) that meets the needs of the municipalities, and to certify the municipalities that will have the energy performance required by the ACTE/MEA label ;
  3. Technical support to 7 pilot municipalities and training of 7 relay experts to accompany the ACTE/MEA process. They are able to implement the related actions and actively share their experiences with their counterparts in Tunisia and in the MENA region. Municipalities are certified ACTE/MEA at the end of the project ;
  4. Implementation of priority actions in the 7 pilot municipalities (quickwin projects).


Project Partners
Planair is leading the consortium with local partners: (IDE-E and Alco) and international partners (URBAPLAN et Transitec).

Link to the reference sheet (right click and open)

  • Maître de l'ouvrage National Agency for energy conservation (ANME) Tunisia Funding: Switzerland: State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) of the Swiss Confederation
  • Lieu Tunisia
  • Année de réalisation Février 2019 à janvier 2020