Supporting the establishment of an enabling framework for the development of the solar home systems market


Off-grid electrification solutions are an integral part of the national electrification strategy in Senegal. The rural electrification rate of 40% in 2017 with 7% of households electrified by decentralized systems is a perfect illustration of this. However, the growth of the off-grid solar market is hampered by the strong presence of poor-quality solar systems, impacting consumer confidence, and by the high prices of solar equipment, linked to existing fiscal barriers. Several reflections have been launched by the government in order to remove these barriers. The Ministry of Oil and Energy would like to be accompanied by a consultant in this work.


  • Clarify the standards to be adopted at the national level, based on an inventory of technical specifications and standards existing or under study in Senegal, West Africa (ECOWAS area) and internationally ;
  • Facilitate the adoption of these standards, by detailing an action plan for their adoption in 2020-2021, and proposing templates for the necessary documents ;
  • Propose a quality assurance framework for the actors of the sector by involving the country's laboratories (CIFRES, LER, CERER etc.) and an implementation plan in 2020-2021 ;
  • Propose a feedback mechanism for private actors to the Ministry of Oil and Energy and an implementation plan in 2020-2021.


  • Planair has carried out a diagnosis on the issue of quality assurance and the actions underway to improve it, including the adoption of standards, import procedures in Senegal, existing capacities to make the application of standards effective, and existing feedback mechanisms between the Ministry in charge of energy and the sector's market ;
  • On this basis, Planair proposed a quality assurance framework in line with the market development status, including a phased approach (exemption of products meeting standards prior to a mandatory passage through a third-party compliance verification system) with a corresponding role for the country's laboratories and government services ;
  • Finally, Planair has developed an Operational Action Plan to implement the various proposals in 2020 - 2021.

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  • Maître de l'ouvrage Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH
  • Lieu Senegal
  • Année de réalisation Avril 2020 à septembre 2020