Projet européen "THERMOSS"

Building and district THErmal Retrofit and Management SolutionS

Objective: significantly enhance energy efficiency of residential buildings and facilitate their connection to district heating and cooling networks.

Activities: From technology packages to implementation in test sites

  • Elaboration of a technology packages database ;
  • Selected technology packages refinement ;
  • Lab-development and testing of a 2-ways substation ;
  • Control with an extended monitoring strategy and a thermal energy flow management algorithm ;
  • Integration on a building/network control platform ;
  • Testing and validation on a district simulation platform (DIMOSIM_CSTB) and real test sites ;
  • Impact assessment ;
  • Dissemination and business-oriented exploitation strategy.


  • Consortium leader: Exergy Ltd UK;
  • Consortium partners: Czech Republic: Fenix TNT. France: CEA-INES, CSTB. Germany: Bosch Thermotechnik GmbH. Italy: Schneider Electric SPA, Rina consulting, Stamtech, Solidpower. Latvia: Riga Technical University. Spain: Giroa-Veolia. Switzerland: CSEM, Planair. UK: University of Southampton, Cardiff University.

Link to the reference sheet (right click and open)

  • Maître de l'ouvrage European Commission. DG for research and innovation
  • Lieu Demo sites: UK, SP, LV, F, CH
    Others: CZ, D, I
  • Année de réalisation 2016 à 2020
  • Prestations Planair

    Planair has mainly been involved in work package 5 (WP leader) and 6 :

    • Definition of the test sites ;
    • Definition of the parameters to be measured for each demo-site ;
    • Deployment plan ;
    • On-site deployment of the monitoring equipment and technology packages ;
    • Energy assessment.