Development of specifications for lighting audit

The main objectives of the mission are:

  • The development of specific specifications to perform energy diagnostics for the "Lighting" energy use, including:
    • A specification for the sizing of new lighting installations
    • A specification for auditing lighting systems in buildings
    • A specification for the audit of public lighting systems 
  • Development of a roadmap to implement the new CDC.

Associated consultants:

Bruno Laffitte, TechActif

Link to the reference sheet (right click and open)

  • Maître de l'ouvrage GIZ
  • Lieu Tunisia
  • Année de réalisation 01/2021 – 10/2021
  • Prestations Planair
    • Drafting of the specifications
    • Training on each of the specifications in Tunis
    • Organization of a pilot action in a company to implement the specifications
    • Drafting of a roadmap