Projet européen "AMBASSADOR"

Autonomous Management System Developed for Building and District Levels

Energy management system for a district, research project and IPMVP application at demonstration sites.


Develop an energy management system for buildings at district level.

Strengths of Ambassador DEMIS (district energy management and information system):

  • Interconnection of buildings, limiting the interaction with the grid;
  • Economic actors at the district level, optimisation of use/generation/storage, penalisation of non-renewable energy, promotion of savings;
  • Combination of RE generation (wind, solar) with different storage technologies (battery, H2 production, thermal) and flexible consumers (E-Mobility, Air-con, heating);
  • Real-time adaptation;
  • Use of predictive methods;
  • Thermal/electrical storage;
  • Duplicable.


  • Consortium leader: Schneider Electric Industries SAS, France;
  • Consortium partners: Belgium: European Consulting Brussels. Czech Republic: AMIRES. Finland: VTT. France: CEA-INES. Germany: Leclanché. Greece: National Technical University of Athens. Italy: D’Appolonia. Spain: Tekniker, Zigor R&D. Switzerland: CSEM, Neurobat, Planair. UK: ZEDfactory.

Link to the reference sheet (right click and open)

  • Maître de l'ouvrage European Commission DG Energy
  • Lieu Demo sites: France, Greece, UK
  • Année de réalisation 2012 à 2016
  • Prestations Planair

    Planair has mainly been involved in work package 8.

  • Résultats marquants
    • Definition of the parameters to be measured for each demo-site;
    • Description of the assessment method and assessment result of existing state: adapt a methodology of internationally recognized practice (IPMVP) to exploit and treat data for public awareness and data exploitation purpose;
    • Assessment result of the modified state: measurable effects and benefits after implementation at DEMO sites. Comparison with standards and recommendations;
    • Contribution to the development of new business models.