Green Hydrogen opportunities for Morocco

The objective of the assignment is to provide the Moroccan agency for renewable energy (MASEN) with a comprehensive program with near to long term vision on green hydrogen deployment opportunities in local and international markets.

Name of the associated consultants :

Khalid Benhamou, Yvan Gravel, Mohamed El Kindi

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  • Maître de l'ouvrage World Bank
  • Lieu Maroc
  • Année de réalisation 06/2021 – 02/2022
  • Prestations Planair

    Develop an analytical framework to support systematic assessment of investments in renewable electricity generation and associated infrastructure to produce and supply green hydrogen to market sectors with near-term opportunities. Based on the analysis performed, draft recommendations with options for the development of a Program of Green Hydrogen projects in Morocco.

    The analytical framework will be materialized through an optimization model aiming at minimizing the Levelised cost of Hydrogen/Ammonia/Methanol/Electricity, with as main outputs recommend installed capacities and operation characteristics of renewable energy plants combined with hydrogen related production facilities. Target prices will be fixed based on a market analysis for domestic and international usage of hydrogen and its derived products.